Friday, July 4, 2008

Keira loves her feet!

Keira is loving her feet lately. She keeps grabbing them and playing with them. So cute :)

4th of July morning- parade

We walked to Webster Groves Parade this morning. The weather was beautiful and there were a lot of people out. James was in awe during the parade with all of the bands, horses, bubbles, clowns, sirens, etc. Keira even enjoyed looking aroung at everything. We got a ton of free stuff (free gymboree classes!), candy (great), and James ended up littered with politition stickers. Now everyone is sleeping. I think we will blow up James's new pool, take a swim and later walk to the bridge (like 1 minute from my house) and watch the fireworks! Will update soon....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Keira loves her Bumbo!

Keira love her Bumbo. We put toys on the tray and she will pick them up and hold them. She is also getting so close to rolling, belly to back and back to belly (strange). Anyway, James swam in a little pool at my parents today and his diapers sort of blew up. It was cool.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Block Party

So, I organized a block party which we had last night. It was fun and a really great way to get to know "the people in your neighborhood". Although James was entertained by various neighbors, his favorite activities included pulling out ice cubes from the beer bucket and giving them to people, digging for treasure in the neighbors sand/dirt box (he found a really cool, really old silver spoon), and eating chocolate brownies (like 3 or 4). Keira loved to smile and coo at people-she was in her sling the whole time! I think we may have another block party around Halloween time (bonfire, movie projected onto garage door, spooky activities and food, food, food). Anyway, as soon as Ben gets home (last day in pain -oh, I mean ON pain services) we may go to the lake with the babies....