Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun at Gymboree!

We recently joined this gym and learning center for kids called Gymboree. We are lucky, Gymboree is very close to our house, a stroller ride away! Anyway, the kids love it here, it is so engaging! There are a ton of things to play on, and there are classes also! We currently take the family music class and are also eager to try the gym class as well as the family art class.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


So, once again James is a "celebrity". He was on news channnel 5 (NBC) sitting and playing in the fountains. So cute! It was like a 5 sec clip focused on him! We went to St. louis's newest downtown attraction, Citygarden. It is a 35 mil sculpture park, complete with hundreds of light up water fountains, pools, waterfalls, beautiful landscaping, and more! Here are a few pics....

If you could turn this still shot into a live action clip, you would basically see what was on the news!

Awesome waterfall and pool

Umm, a giant head. What is cool is that there is a steady flowing wall of water surrounding the head. The kids loved playing in it.

Keira loves Mr. Birdman

This is an old time firetruck that has been turned into a snack store. Yum!