Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Kiki's Birthday!!

See, I am cruising this couch! These are my walking shoes.

I am one today! Happy Birthday to me!!

Wow, Keira is 1!! Well, it's time to toot our horn!

Kiki is big, beautiful and amazing! She loves her family and although she is not a huge snuggle bug like her big brother, she has her ways of being affectionate. Keira will blow kisses, hug, kiss with her lips (so sweet) and high five. She will, on her terms, snuggle with us.

Her favorite words include mama, dadda, daddy, Jay (James), Kiki, baba, yessss, this (she points and says thissss), no, more, snack, cow, moo, baa, lalala (yes she loves that book and will fill in the blanks as I read it to her).

She can pull herself up to stand and is starting to cruise.

She is really starting to get the hang of eating big girl food. Yesterday, she ate an entire hotdog! Umm, favorite food includes sweet potatoes, oatmeal, steamed veggies, and blueberries. She still loves her baba, and that's ok with me....for now.

She loves to play tag with James (they chase each other around the table), play peek-a-boo, and she loves to sit down and read books (she has done this for an entire hour, by herself), she also loves to be read to(either by me, Ben or James!) When she is super happy she will sing "ga ga gaaa, ga ga gaaaa....." James does the same thing (remember the dancing Yoda), it is their happy song.

OK, enough tooting our horn!
Happy Birthday Keira!! Don't grow up too fast :)