Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun times!

Well, let's wrap up the past week. The weather was nice, so we loved being outside last week. Well, we did a ton so I will be as brief as possible.

We went on lots of stroller rides to the park, Starbucks, the farmers' market and the bookstore! We really love our neighborhood!

We got this really cool sand and water table. Good for hours of building, digging and exploration. We also like to get really wet so mom bought us each 2 swimsuits so we can play!

James's favorite hangout....the Museum of Transportation! Coolest place around for kids (big and little) who love trains.

We did plenty of eating outside. Our goal was to eat near the tracks so we could see a train pass by. We went to Dr. Jazz- no train....We went to Route 66 and as we were eating outside on the patio we heard choo choo. A train passed by and Ben walked across the street with James and the boys were maybe 5 feet from the train!

The Magic house is always fun. We especially like the new outside exhibits!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Messy Mother's Day

We sure did have fun making this painting! The kids were covered from head to toe in paint and the floor was so slippery that everyone was sliding all over the place. Now I have a wonderful painting, done on Mother's Day, that I can display and always remember this time together.