Thursday, October 16, 2008

Food and Talk

Keira is eating her baby food! She recently enjoyed a full jar of applesauce and a jar of sweet potatoes after refusing to eat solids for 1 month. She just wasn't ready. Yea, she is on a roll now. While Keira's taste for food is just developing, James's tastes are becoming more complex. He is no longer thrilled with a hotdog, diced ham, cubed cheese, etc. He is really starting to want more adult type food. His current favorites are coconut dahl and mushroom risotto. Hmm, just an excuse for me to refine my cooking skills. Now if I only had more time...

On another note, our little James is on a roll with his language development. He tries to copy much of what we say. Keira is really starting to babble away. She says mamama, bababa, yaaaaaa! James will copy her and they will have baby conversations back and forth.