Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fun Times

We love Dewey's Pizza! I am such a silly baby, I love to make people laugh and often try to do so. If what they say is true about babies with a good sense of humor, then I am a little SMARTIE pants!

We are really enjoying playing together at the Magic House. We could chase each other in this awesome "worm hole" all day.

Hellz ya, we love Legos!

I was a little apprehensive about James playing in this Mc
Donalds playland (it is pretty big ), but after I crawled around and decided it was safe, I let James loose! He loved it! He played in it with other kids and Kiki and I enjoyed breakfast and watching James play and have fun!

Wow, my fro is a glow!! The fro, the fro, the fro is on fire! I love car rides because James and I goof off the entire time. I (Kiki, not mom),will stick out my tongue and make that spit noise, and James will copy over and over and we will laugh and laugh. Also, I will shake my head and look at James and then he will shake his head and we will copy each other over and over and then we will laugh and laugh! Oh ya, we will also squeal and screach back and forth really loud (mom does NOT like this one) but we do!!
We certainly did have fun last week with dad being home and all. We went to the Magic House a few times, McDonalds playland a couple times, the zoo (we saw the baby giraffe up close), watching artists do ice sculptures and had various other fun times!