Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A bedtime story

James has been loving books lately! I guess all of the early reading that I did (when James had no clue and paid no attention to the book) has paid off. Now Keira is the clueless one, but not for long. As they say, read to your children and someday your children will read to you !

Is KiKi a LEGO freak in the making?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our day with Dad

So, Ben is post call and home :) We decided to go to Tillis Park and play. This is an awesome park. James loves the fountain area and the music area. The top picture is of James turning on the water fountains. Ben and I did not show James how to do this, but somehow he figured it out. Every so ofter the water fountains stop and someone must push the button to start them again. When this happens, the other kids usually sort of look around like duh, wonder why the water stopped and usually a big kid or an adult will push the button so the water turns back on. Well, James saw that the water was off and ran to the statue, pressed the button and turned the fountains on. Go James!! The 2nd picture is of James in the music area. He loves banging on the various instruments and making music. I love all of the shade in this park. After the park, we were all hot and tired but still managed to go to Costco (yipee). We went home and napped- everyone was pooped! Later that evening we went to the gym to work out. James and Keira played in the daycare/playroom and Ben and I had a couple hours to ourself to workout/study. Ben managed to burn almost 400 calories and study at the same time. Go Ben!!It was great!! I think we will try to do this more often...