Saturday, July 18, 2009

Surf and Turf

This week we experienced much surf and turf (sprinklers and parks...not lobster and steak). I do like this combo, the kids love water! We discovered two new parks this week. We met Grammy and her doggie, Tina for a walk at a really nice park in Town and Country (not sure of the name). We loved it! There were great trails that were shaded, a stream with turtles on rocks, and a pasture with horses! These animals were....spoiled!! Also, there was a nice playground geared for the under 5 group. We also discovered Kirkwood park, which we loved! Umm, there was sand, sprinklers, concessions, name it!

Bring on the surf!
Chillin at Grammy's house!

Next time we bring carrots and apples....

Keira is "all done" with her walk....

James and Alex enjoying some water fun!