Saturday, August 1, 2009

Goats Gone Wild

Gotta love Grants Farm! Here we are having adventures with goats. It is tons of fun feeding and petting the goats, with the exception of the occasional nibble....or bite!

James loved petting the goats at the farm.

Umm, this is Ben's finger after the goat bit it!

Ouch, the goat finally let go of Ben's finger!

Here is the goat munching on Ben's finger. It wouldn't let go! Ben kept saying ouch!! There wasn't much I could do to persuade the goat to let go, so I decided to take some pics!

Ugg, the things you catch on tape. Keira is so cute petting the goat. Goat wanders, sniffs another goats butt, then proceeds to nibble on our camera strap. Gross!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blackberries and Peaches

We recently enjoyed a morning at Eckerts picking blackberries and peaches. It was fun, the weather was cool and cloudy...perfect! We had fun riding the wagon and picking the fruits! Can't wait till apple and pumpkin season!

MMM, blackberry! Keira just kept stuffing the berries into her fast as we picked, she ate!

James was very good at only picking the balck ones!

I love this pic of James and Ben. James also loves eating the peaches. Wow these kids were a stained, sticky mess, but it was so worth it! Also, they were in crappy clothes so who cares!

Keira argued back and forth with us the entire time we were picking peaches. She insisted that the peaches were "apples". If we said they are peaches she would say "no, apples".

"Tractor". The kids loved riding the tractor into the orchards.